Monday, 7 March 2016


Truely speaking, it's hard to manage my mind in this deases. May be,so far, I talk too much, so I get this exam. I organize many events. I gather people to attend to the events. I speak a lot toward them. Moreover,  many people ask me for advices everyday. Many people consult their problems everyday to me, about family problem, marriage, husband, wife, children, education, religion, organization etc. I listen them well, I give them support, advices, suggestions, pray and bla bla bla. Now, makan tuh kaji Betty!!! Probably, I spend many times for others?

Allah gives me His tarbiah directly. Allah loves me. He forces me in order I get down sujud ambarassed, for my poorly. I have to take a rest, give a boundle of time for my own family.

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