I listened to this third material in Ibu Pembaharu lecture many times. I repeted over and over again. It's hard for me to understand.

It is true that the journey in this world is a journey of climbing, there is no challenge that is getting easier and lighter. As it is said in the Qur'an surah Hud which makes the Rasulullah  grow gray hair. How to maintain istiqomah until the end of life?

"So istiqomah you (Muhammad) as ordered, with those who repent, do not transgress." (Q.S. Hud: 112)

That's why it's important to work with a team. To make it easier.

Yes, then I invited my team, Tim Seru, to have a meeting. This meeting was special, it  was different from the previous family meetings. Usually, family meetings are often just hanging out together in the room or chatting together in the kitchen, and it's not worth taking pictures, because we don't wear jilbab. 

The meeting was deliberately set in a relief setting. I put matrass on the floor, and I move some chairs on order we can sit on the floor lightly. I then also prepare the tools and media, such as a whiteboard, flipchart paper, markers and sticky note paper.

The meeting begins, and it is opened by me, the leader. Then suddenly my eldest daughter asked me, why do you always invite us to be together? Why don't you just do it alone? Well, this is the good opportunity for me to  reveal the problem.

Look, this is my  problem which is always a burden for me for a long time. I has been working  on it myself since 2014, and it's not finished yet.

 I invite Tim Seru, as my exciting team  members . Let's love the problem together. 😀. I hope the problem will be lighter because we are already a team. Alhamdulillah, everyone agrees  because we will  raise the family journey.

We will not rush to provide solutions. Will not be in a hurry to make an action.

Let's love our problems together, by understanding not only the surface. We first accept the problem by diving deep, and we will continue to explore it together in this team.

We discuss the problem statement with the team,then  dive into the problem deeper.  

Deep diving, it will bring us to a point of view, then look for another point of view, then share the roles,.

Alhamdulillah, I'm happy. Especially after discussing together. My burden and my problem become our problem, and we love the problem together, in a team.Maasyallah. This Exciting Team is really cool.

Here's what we discussed,

Problem Statement : We want to write a book about our journey but it haven't finish yet.


  • How to organize it?

  • How to write?

  • How to pour word in our mind?

  • How to publish a book?


  • Where do we write?

  • Where do we collect it?

  • Where


  • What do we write for?

  • What do we have to write?

  • What platform do we ise to write?

  • What is the theme?


  • When do we start?

  • When do we collect the article?

  • When does the deadline?


  • Who writes?

  • Who collects?

  • Who proofs


  • Why doesn't it finish yet?

  • Why dont you act?

  • Why fo we posponed it?

  • Why dont you consisten?

  • Why are busy?

Tanah Mati, Aug 17, 2021

Betty Arianti, Ibu Pembaharu

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