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TEAM BUILDING The second lesson in Kampus Ibu Pembaharu is Team Building. How to start team building? Firstly, we have to love our problem. Dont' find the solution directly, but find the root of the problem first. Take just one problem that will be solved, dig deeper first, forget the solution first, forget the project first, focus on the problem.  The iceberg must have the root of the problem, if a problem statement has not been made or written, write it again. Love your problem, and fall in love with it.😍 Next, we need friends and team because we can't solve the problem alone, we need a continuous process.  Sometimes, we ask oursef, Why does it just keep going like this? Why is it stagnant? It probably, because there is no team,  we are just doing the same thing over and over again.  If we do it together it will be easy.  Who are our friends? 1. those who have the same problem as us 2. those who have the same concern as us 3. those who have influence on our problems 4. those


Setiap kali Bu Septi menyapa di perkuliahan IIP on line, komen apalagi share materi, saya pasti merinding, membaca postingan dengan mata berkaca bahkan seringkali dalam sesengukan. Sungguh ruh beliau kala menyampaikan tinggi sekali. Seperti kita duduk berhadap-hadapan dan berbicara secara personal.