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December 22, 2012. This Mother’s Day was a very special moment in my life. Never did I celebrate Mother’s Day before. I got many presents in this special day. First, in my age of 38, as my dream last year, that before 40 I would have be able to publish a book. It’s never late to dream, right? My dream came true.   I could publish a book. Eventhough it was an antology, but I could be proud because my article was one of the winner in writing competition challange that held by Institute of Ibu Profesional.There were many writers who sent their articles to IIP from our country,all over Indonesia, and out side of the country such as Malaysia and Singapore. Only 25 writers who were chosen.Alhamdulillah one of them   was my self. All writers were invited to the book lauching at Pasific Place @   America in Jakarta.